Weld Road

Niobrara, Fort Hays, and Codell

Morning Gun Exploration is seeking development partners for a permitted project in the DJ Basin. We presently have an 11,000 net acre operated position in Weld County, Colorado.  The company has 48 operated ready-to-drill horizontal permits and the potential for hundreds of additional permits.  The development project has highway and county road access, a crude oil terminal within three miles of the permits, gas pipeline crossing the acreage, oil and water infrastructure being built out within miles of the acreage, and nearby drilling being done by prominent basin operators with top tier economics.  The project is located in rural Weld County, far away from suburban areas and associated political risks.  The project is defined by high resistivity in multiple formations. Nearby horizontal drilling has proven Niobrara members, Fort Hays and Codell sands oil productive.  If you are interested in learning more, give us a call.

Large Anticline in the Rocky Mountain Region

This wildcat project is located onshore U.S. in the Central Utah Overthrust Belt, where we own 10,700 net acres of leasehold with a 10-year term at 12.5% royalty.  The leasehold covers the entirety of an enormous mapped anticline believed to hold 100 million barrels of oil in place, 50 million barrels of recoverable reserves.  The anticline was geologically mapped on the surface by geologists at the Utah Geological Survey and is confirmed by 2D seismic lines which indicate an immense structure with 4-way closure.  Our target is the Navajo Sandstone which is 600 feet thick, has 12% porosity, and up to darcy permeability.  A nearby oil field has produced 27 million barrels of oil in 12 years.

Single vertical oil wells have produced over 2 million barrels of oil.

This project is available to review within our Virtual Data Room. For access to the VDR please send an e-mail to Info@MorningGun.com